Safety Rules

Safety Rules

Safety comes first at all times and is the most important aspect at Lone Star Bounce Town.

  1. Listen to the staff and the posted warnings at Lone Star bounce Town at all times.
  2. No gum is allowed in Lone Star Bounce Town.
  3. Check all your clothes and pockets to ensure that you have no sharp objects on your body.
  4. Feet first only down all slides.
  5. One person at a time on all slides.
  6. No bouncing at top of slides.
  7. Hold your hands in the air when using a slide to avoid rug burn on your arms and elbows.
  8. There will be zero tolerance for fighting or rough play.
  9. Be aware that you may be larger than another person and cause them injury if you fell on them.
  10. There is a designated area for little ones and a designated inflatable for the 2-5 year olds.
  11. No child of any age is allowed to enter unless accompanied by an adult.
  12. No adults are allowed to enter unless accompanied by a child or are friends or family member of the party guest.
  13. Do not participate if you are pregnant.
  14. Do not participate if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  15. There will be no drugs or alcohol allowed at Lone Star Bounce Town.

Please take notice of these safety rules to ensure that all are safe and have a fun experience!

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